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Tile & Stone Installation

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slider_floor_tileOur installations services hit all the benchmarks for stone and tile aesthetics in the style-conscious Monterey Bay area. With our expert services, you’ll never need to choose between style and functionality or to hire a separate company to handle the flooring installation process. Many homeowners like to install tile as a DIY project that intimately involves them with their home’s design, but installing tile and stone floors can be a lengthy, risky and messy process. The benefits of our professional installations include:

  • Removing old tile and flooring materials safely and expeditiously
  • Preparing the subflooring adequately based on the type of stone, tile size and other criteria
  • Troubleshooting minor changes in floor height caused by the stone’s greater height and volume
  • Cutting and trimming tile professionally for seamless floor coverage
  • Ensuring that tile or stone cures adequately before using the floor

The Salinas Valley and Monterey Bay have been chipping away at local stone deposits for millions of years to season, color and accent their natural beauty, so we feel that it’s worth taking the necessary time to cut, polish, arrange and install your stone floor smoothly and efficiently. Regardless of whether you choose locally sourced stone or imported materials, stone floors provide incredible value and esthetic benefits. However, the installation job isn’t as easy as it might look even if you use larger tiles. These bigger, heavier tiles require a more robust subfloor, intensive and exacting installation work and tremendous perseverance and dexterity to handle hundreds of tiles without causing waste due to accidents and miscalculations.

Professional Tile & Stone Installation

Our experienced, licensed, bonded and carefully vetted technicians know their jobs well and can help you choose from quartz, marble, granite, limestone and tile to install a floor that’s a design masterpiece and compelling focal point for any home. We’ll work hard to complete your installation with minimum disruptions to daily routine and fewer adjustments after the floor is installed such as rehanging doors. We also install stone floors with radiant heat systems that eliminate the only criticism that most people have about stone floors — cold mornings. Radiant heat beneath an aesthetically pleasing stone floor will provide a complete end-to-end design solution that’s elegant, practical and comfortable on bare feet.

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