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Tile Planning and Design

Monterey Bay Tile Planning & Design

tile-planning-and-design-montereyWe can guide you skillfully through the process of designing tile coverage of walls and floors and creating custom fabrications using granite, marble, limestone and quartz tiles. We can even help with glass tile projects and recycled materials for environmentally responsible customers. Integrating tile into home, office and business design projects in the Salinas and Monterey Bay area offers startling environmental advantages and practical upgrades for bathrooms, work areas, kitchens, landscaping projects and design showplaces.

Stone Masterpieces Begin with Careful Design Preparation

Tile offers durable, versatile and stunning interior and exterior designs. We offer all the modern tools you need to design your space accurately, safely and artistically regardless of whether you want a polished look, natural quarry stone or complex tile designs that incorporate different patterns, materials and textures. Some of our design and planning services for tile compositions include:

  • Tiling the Walls
    Tile comes in many textures, shades, patterns and colors, which make it an ideal choice for walls — especially in bathrooms, mud rooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and work areas. We can help you design a tiling strategy to complement any decorating style from ultramodern with stainless steel appliances to Art Deco designs inspired by geometric shapes, botanicals, machinery or nationalistic motifs.
  • Backsplashes that Create a Splash
    You can protect your walls in the kitchen or bathroom from grease, water and heavy use with carefully designed tile backsplashes using square tiles, round mosaics, rustic tiles or showplace artistic scenes framed with smaller tile borders.
  • Kitchen Islands, Cabinets and Tile
    Depending on your design goals, removing a kitchen island could open space if you already have plenty of storage and cabinet space. If your space is limited, a tiled kitchen island can provide functionality, beauty and handy storage for kitchen utensils and appliances.
  • Outdoor Tiling Applications
    Exterior areas increasingly serve as usable living space in modern designs, and we’ll help you add a tiled patio, landscaped gardens, stepping-stones and outdoor walkways.
  • Unique Tile Projects
    Tile can be used in creative ways to create islands, wall decor, floor coverings, backsplashes, tile accents and designer focal points.

Regardless of your project or tile preferences, our staff can help you plan your project from inception to installation and recommend the right routine maintenance to ensure that your tile designs last many years.

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