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Thousands of homeowners have joined the rush to add beautiful marble flooring to their homes. What was previously the decor of ancient temples and palaces has been imported into even the most ordinary of homes. Quarries have opened around the world, including in Spain, Russia, and China, leading to the higher availability and lower cost of this elegant material. The last five years have seen 400% growth in marble sales. This trend is no mere fad: These homeowners understand that marble flooring is an investment in beauty, durability, and value. While marble is not the frugal choice, the initial cost pays off over years of fine form and function.

A popular choice for centuries of European architecture, marble appeals to both classic taste and a modern sensibility. Marble is not limited to kitchen and bathroom flooring but can be matched with countertops, fireplaces, and other furnishings. Homeowners who wish to integrate their marble flooring into the overall aesthetic of their homes will find the variety of colors, veining, and patterns of marble a welcome sight. Homeowners can select from many different finishes and styles depending on the desired look and function of the flooring.

* Looking for an eye-catching shine? Glazed or polished tiles offer an exquisite display of beauty and aesthetics, though they do scratch and smudge more easily.

* Tumbled marble lends an old-world look to any indoor space. Tumbled tiles are spun in a large drum to round the corners and create a rugged, antique aesthetic.

* Honed marble is best suited for areas of the home with high foot traffic, as this matte finish best resists the friction of shuffling feet.

Best of all, marble flooring requires little maintenance, as it is strong, largely stain resistant, and easy to clean. Marble is also hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria. However, marble flooring is not impervious to harm. Marble can stain when exposed to certain liquids, especially acidic beverages like juices, soda, and tea. Professionally installed marble is treated with a sealant to resist these stains, and this coat will last about ten years. To maintain the beauty of your flooring, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with a contractor to clean and reseal your flooring every 9 to 18 months after this ten year period concludes. This simple investment of time and money can keep your marble flooring looking beautiful for decades to come.

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